There is a way that nature speaks to us when we take a moment to be quiet, in stillness, to listen. We draw inspiration from our surroundings, when we observe the patterns, textures, marks and layers that occur naturally, around us. With the passage of time there is a physical decay.. a natural wear and tear.. things in nature become weathered, worn, torn, rusty, yellowed, broken, old… wabi sabi is an appreciation of all this decay. Wabi Sabi encompasses the transience of nature, the cycles of nature and the beauty in nature…even small things we often overlook. When one collects, forages and gathers objects from their environment, they gather the history of the place and the connection to it. Whether they find a decaying leaf, a feather, seed pods, unfurling fern frond, lichen on a fallen stick… one can abstract the essence of the place to create something new. We will go outside and gather and forage and bring nature inside.

Using hand painted Japanese papers we will make collages. Using mono-print on a gelli plate and collage, and the Japanese art of folding, we will fold and make boxes, folded books, tags, envelopes and scrolls. Through the process of layering paint, and adding collage papers we will replicate the patterns, textures, and marks found in nature using the found objects from outside. Simple elements and principles of design will be introduced. Personal expression and content will be introduced. Wabi Sabi is about the process of decay.. that nature is incomplete, imperfect and impermanent.. but it can also represent life taking its first fragile steps toward becoming… the cycle of life and creativity.

Wabi Sabi, A sense of Place, and Collage is a 5 day workshop in which participants will spend the first day hand painting Japanese washi papers. On the second day, they will make collages. On days 3-5, participants will have the choice to continue to make collages OR they can use mono-print on a gelli plate along with collage and participate in the Japanese art of folding and make boxes, books, tags envelopes and scrolls. Wabi Sabi and Collage is a 2-3 day workshop in which participants hand paint washi papers and make collages. Wabi Sabi, A Sense of Place, and Collage can be a 2-3 day workshop in which participants use mono-print on a gelli plate and fold books, boxes, tags, etc.